Our Libraries

Mary Hutton Biddle Library

The Mary Hutton Biddle Library, used by Middle and Upper School, provides a space for students to feed their natural intellectual curiosity. It is an inviting space for independent and group work and a center for teaching research as a collaborative endeavor. The library houses 32,000 monographs, subscribes to over 30 publications and provides a variety of web-based resources, all of which are used in developing advanced research and information literacy skills. We are part of a consortium of libraries that comprises public schools, other independent schools, colleges and universities, which gives our students access to an immense selection of material. At the heart of it, though, the library is place in which we nurture a love of reading in our students.

Lower School Library

The goal of the Lower School Library program is to encourage our students to see themselves as readers and lovers of books, and build lifelong reading habits.  The library program strives to teach our students to be ethical, thoughtful  producers and consumers of information obtained from a variety of formats.  The librarian and classroom teachers plan collaboratively, so students are learning information literacy skills that are woven into their classroom research projects.  In our library, you will see students reading books in cozy spaces, creating digital projects, coding with robots, or searching databases for information.  The Lower School library is a place for thinking, doing and dreaming. For access to Lower School Summer Reading lists, online resources, and much more click here.


The Archives collects, maintains and provides access to materials relating to the people and history of Westtown School. Students and faculty in all three divisions use the archives for research, with the assistance of trained and experienced archivists.


Technology use at Westtown School is thoughtfully and deliberately integrated into the curriculum. Developmental appropriateness is a driving force in how we teach and use technology at Westtown. Our ultimate goal, however, is to utilize the tools of technology to enhance the school's charge of providing an essential education for all students.

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