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As human beings we have the ability to look deeply into ourselves and access our values in order to understand one another and to bring about healing and bridge divides. Empathy, compassion, connection, forgiveness, faith, and love of your neighbor are some of the values related to Ubuntu. Read more!

I Am Because We Are

Maria Alonso

In response to the violence of systemic racism that we have witnessed this year, Marissa Colston, our Dean of Diversity & Inclusion, offers ways in which all of us can engage in nonviolent action. Read more!

Tools to Help Heal and Take Action

Marissa Colston

Perception determines and drives our approach, attitude, and actions in any given situation. The current global pandemic we are facing —and our varying responses to it— is a testament to the power of perception and how it impacts our experience, our behaviors, and the choices we make moment to moment. Read more!

The Power of Perception

Maria Alonso

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